1. jhty23:

    Luffy (R)


    Happy Birthday Luffy!

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  4. themermaidnyc:

    It’s Friday afternoon and oyster are on the way…

    Happy Hour starts at 4pm at the Oyster Bar, 5pm at the EVUWS.

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  6. themermaidnyc:

    Dive into The Mermaid Oyster Bar and catch the latest special before it’s all gone.

    Razor Clams & Octopus Ceviche w/ red onion, celery, jalapeño, cilantro & a jalapeño-citrus vinaigrette. $13 

    And remember, Happy Hour starts at 4pm all weekend!

  7. themermaidnyc:

    A pair of *Special* salmon dishes are swimming around the Mermaids tonight!

    At the Oyster Bar, we have Atlantic Salmon Crudo w/ hearts of palm, jalapeño, cherry tomatoes & lime juice. $14

    At the UWS, we’re featuring a roasted Atlantic Salmon w/ swiss chard, pearl onions, grape tomatoes & a beet vinaigrette. $25

    Swim by, get happy.

  10. foodandwinephotos:

    © Cedric Angeles

    Smoked Fish Chowder Recipe

    Contributed by Amelia O’Reilly and Nico Monday

    Click here for full recipe

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  12. themermaidnyc:

    Another dynamic duo of *Special* additions to the Mermaid Oyster Bar & Mermaid Inn UWS tonight.

    At the OB, we have Tuna & Yellowtail Ceviche w/ red onion, celery, cilantro, jalapeño & a lemon-soy vinaigrette. $14

    The UWS has a delish Florida Grouper, roasted & served w/ a black beans, japanese eggplant & corn salsa. $25


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    Mari Oshaug    |    http://anti.as

    “ANTi + grandpeople modernized the typical Chianti look with a big and narrow label. The elegant design makes the wine look more expensive than it actually is. This was also the client´s brief. The target group are people who are looking for a fairly priced, yet elegant quality wine. A wine suitable for most occasions.”

    Graphic designer currently working at Anti Inc AS and as a self employed designer at Oshaug Design.

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    Bipiuci    |    http://bipiuci.it

    Independent collective of creative minds and forward thinkers. We create engaging experiences for smart brands to connect with their customers.

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